October 10, 2015


When it comes to land, revenue aspects play a very important role together with the legal aspects. Revenue basically revolves around several revenue Acts and various revenue documents associated to land. Understanding the purpose of these Acts and documents is necessary to engage prudently with matters relating to land. Our experts with vast experience on revenue subject will guide you on varied facets of revenue details helping you to take an informed decision.

Revenue Services :

A. Consultation on Revenue matters

B. Procurement of Revenue Document from respective departments

C. Consultation and Facilitation on Land Conversion

D. Consultation on History of particular land

Charge starts from Rs. 5000/-  

Zonal regulations are necessary for an orderly development of a city, such control and reasonable limitation on the development of land and buildings are imperative to promote public health, safety and the general social welfare of the community. Zonal regulations and its enforcement ensure proper land use and development and form an integral part of the Interim Master Plan. It provides solutions to problems of development under local conditions. The city is divided into a number of use zones, such as residential, commercial, industrial, public and semi-public etc., to prevent overcrowding in buildings and on land so as to ensure adequate light, air, protection from fire, etc.

Zonal Services :

A.  Consultation on zonal classification of Land

B. Consultation on Set-Back measurement

C. Consultation on TDR

D. Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

Charge starts from Rs. 5000/-