September 26, 2015

Legal Services


A. Legal Verification :

Legal component of a property transaction mainly involves verifying the flow of title over a period of time to the present owner so as to ensure that he has a clear and marketable title. In addition to these other factors to look into  includes–

  • In case of Apartment Purchase – Verification of Joint Venture agreement b/w owner and the developer etc.,
  • In case of Land Transaction – Verification of Mother Deed, Khatha, Encumbrance Certificate, etc.,
  • In case of Independent House/Plot – involves verification of Sale Deeds, Encumbrance Certificate, Khatha Certificate, Khatha Extract, etc.

Our empanelled team of legal experts with decades of experience in various aspects of property transaction will assist you in buying, leasing and selling residential and commercial properties.

B. Retrieval of Documents from Sub-Registrar Office

For a common man negotiating through the bureaucratic labyrinth of a government office is uphill task and on top of it the hierarchical setup of a Government office increases the challenges multi-fold. It takes years of experience to understand the structure and complexities of an organisation. A trustful hand who would help in overcoming such obstacles will be a welcome change at this point.

One can avail our services to avoid unnecessary waste of time, energy and money in obtaining documents from Sub-Registrar office. We offer affordable and quick service at your door steps.

C. Consultation and Facilitation on Khata related issues

Our legal team will help you in following services related to Khatha –

  • Khatha Registration
  • Khatha Transfer
  • Khatha Bifurcation
  • Khatha Amalgamation

Once you send us the request for the particular Khatha service we will E-Mail you the list of necessary details and documents to be couriered to our office. As soon as the documents reaches us we will initiate the process and will courier back the Khatha documents to your address.