September 26, 2015

Construction Services

 A. Estimation of the construction :

We provide credible, reliable, and accurate step by step cost-breakup at each stage of construction taking into account all the variables involved during this process like materials used, labour, equipment, design features, quality, size, shape, geographical area to avoid unexpected cost overrun.

Charge starts from Rs. 5000/-        


B. Valuation of a Property:

Accessing correct value of a given property is essential, be it in case of buying or selling. This depends on number of factors and to name few

  • Location – availability of Schools, hospitals, etc., in the vicinity.
  • In case of a structure – Age of that structure is considered
  • Infrastructure – Width of the road, water and drains facility, etc.,
  • Connectivity – Bus, Metro, Airport, etc.,

Our experts will help you to correctly assess the value of a property and in turn you can leverage this during negotiation.

Charges starts from Rs. 6000/-           


C. Architect Design : 

A well designed structure brings a great value addition not only in terms of lowering the cost of construction but also in optimum utilization of space. With a correct guidance from our experts both on design and materials to be used we seek to provide a contemporary, liveable and intelligent structure to our clients.

Charges starts from 2% of the Project Cost       


D. Interior designing :

Interiors play a significant role in any modern structure. With evolving and complex architecture and a steady development in industrial process, the interior designing has also evolved into a specialized domain. Our design philosophy not only underlines on style and comfort but also are up-to-date with current trends.

Charges depends on the requirement.  


E. Project Supervision :

Construction as such, involves complex array of interdependent activities that some would say is at best, an organised chaos. The very nature of construction introduces daunting challenges typically not encountered in other industries. The management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management as well as an understanding of the designs involved in construction process. It is in this context that a Project Supervision plays a crucial role,  we provides precise coordination among various players from start to finish including the client to fructify a given project to completion.

Charges depends on the requirement.